Thursday, August 25, 2011

Ode to the Ipod

Our boys all have ipod touches. Samuel received his for Christmas last year and D&D got theirs for their 10th birthday. Samuel dropped his and cracked it something terrible in March. Tile floors will do that to an ipod. He got a new one when D&D got theirs but he had to pay for his second one. I mean, a lesson had to be taught!

When the pool first opened he jumped in swam a bit, got out, felt his pocket and there was his ipod touch! It was the Saturday before he went to church camp and he wasn't going to need it there, so we put it on the microwave (read it on google), and when I bought rice 3 days later I put it in a bowl of rice and left it there for six days. Six days later it worked! We were so happy, Samuel most of all!

(The same kind of thing happened with David and our garage door opener last year. We didn't put it in rice or on top of the microwave and it has never worked since!)

Anyway, I love their ipod touches. Love them. I just knew I was going to get one for my birthday, but I guess Stephen decided to let me continue to borrow the ones we already owned. And I borrow them frequently! One of the boys is much nicer about letting me borrow his than the others. I won't tell you who, but Daniel has been winning the Favorite Son award around here a lot lately!

So, I started out writing this about ipods. I know I had an idea of what I wanted to tell you, but for the life of me I can't remember what it was. I've sat here for some time now thinking of what it could have been, and I have come up blank.


So, I guess this will end up being the Beavers Ipod Story. Sorry, so very sorry.