Saturday, August 27, 2011

Love In Action

Some of you may know this pretty face as my dear friend Paige, but she is also an angel. She was the hands of feet of Jesus this week for a group of us that could not be. I love how Christians pull together and just do it because it is the right thing to do. No fanfare, no bells or whistles, no over thinking, no praise required...we just do it because it is required of us. Knowing we could call on Paige to work with us to show love to someone who really needed it was such a blessing to my friend heart.

This is Whitney. She is a coworker of mine that I have never actually worked with! She had her baby 8 weeks early and it was on the weekend before I started my job here. She has been in Little Rock all this time, living at the hospital praying her baby home. This week we could tell it was starting to take its toll on her (Though you cannot tell. Doesn't she look beautiful!?) . She needed a hug real bad and our arms were too far to reach her. Paige provided the arms for us. Paige took her happies from all of us and gave her a hug and loved on her baby boy for us. It was touching for everyone involved and reaping the goose bumps and smiles that came from it was a perk.

Julie also sent their youth minister to visit Whitney while making rounds in Little Rock. Watching love in action just gets me every stink'n time! Some may ask "why" and I reply, "Because that's just what Christians do!"



Anonymous said...

What a sweet, touching post! Glad that Paige was there to bring her some encouragement and show Jesus' love to her!

Melissa S.