Tuesday, August 23, 2011

I don't know about you but the last few days have been bus-y.

WIth the pool closed it seems like I have a jillion things to do. Friday night I went to a dinner for Pastor's wives in our association (the local area of Baptist churches). It was such fun. The food was good and those women are funny! I have a heart for ministers' wives. They are such fun women and so often misunderstood. Please remember to pray for your ministers' wives. They are the heart and soul of your minister!

Saturday was a women's conference that I help with. This year my friend, Melinda Bunyard spoke. I just love her and listening to her teach. It was a great conference. I ran home after it was over and went to the pool with my family. And then we ate out. Could there be a better Saturday??

If there is a women's conference (and you are a woman) in your area, go. GO! Even if you don't know the speaker. As long as it is a reputable church putting it on, GO! You will love the time with other women, and God just may speak to you while you're there.

Love ya'll!