Friday, August 12, 2011

Food Friday

This week I thought about going down memory lane through food. I will highlight some of the things I have eaten this week that have caused me to take a few trips along the way...

Greens. I crave them lately and watched Paula Deen cook some on her show and it made the craving worse. Who craves greens? So odd. Anyway, it makes me think of wonderful memories in my Mawmaw's kitchen. We celebrate big in the kitchen when we are all together. She is the only one I know who makes least the only person who has served them to me. I want her to show me how to make them when I go visit her this fall. I sometimes just crave her kitchen.

Daiquiri ice. This is a Sisters favorite and a Summer time must. Our Granny managed a dress store in the Phoenix Village mall, back in its hay day, and her little friend ran the Baskin Robbins in the middle of the mall. Mrs. Breedlove was her name. Julie and I always got daiquiri ice and to this day it is our favorite. I still think of that mall when I eat it and that mall has been a dead deal since I was knee high to a grasshopper. Somethings just never die though...

Tater tots are a favorite at our house these days. Henry loves them and they are an easy thing to feed him on the go. They make me think of Julie every time I eat one. She loves a tot...prefers a tot over a fry even. She is odd like that, but I love her.

Microwave popcorn. What a love/hate relationship. My coworker pops some now and again and shares with me. The smell and each bite reminds me of dreadful days of dorm living. It is a depressing snack, really.

Peaches. I love the smell of a fresh peach, the feel of the fuzz on the peel and the taste of the fresh juice. We bought some at the produce market last week. Carrying my little sack of peaches made me almost cry for my Meemaw. I have not ever encountered a peach that did not make me think of my sweet "Meep". She loved to stop in Clarksville and get peaches each Summer. She put them on everything....cereal, ice cream, sandwiches, cobbler, pie, etc. I miss that sweet peach.

My little foodie is now using his utensils. He still requires help, but he is getting the hang of it real well. They grow so fast! And yes, that is ketchup on his cheek because all good meals include ketchup. It is amazing what we can get the child to eat if it is dipped in ketchup!

Happy Food Friday!


Kelley said...

Happy Friday! Thanks for sharing!