Friday, August 5, 2011

Food Friday

Eggplant Casserole

This is a recipe handed down by our great-grandmother, our Granny. She made this often and it was a favorite amongst our clan. It is one of Mama's favorite dishes and she makes it really well too. There is a cast iron pot it goes in and when I get ready to make it at my house I find myself looking for that red cast iron pot and then realize...duh, I am not at Mama's house anymore!

It seems like a strange dish and one that would not please the masses, but it does. My hungry hubby actually really likes it, and that is a shocker. he does not branch out in the veggie category real well. We add garlic to ours and a 1/2 stick butter with saltines or Ritz crackers on top...just the way Mama and Granny made it!

I made it this week after our weekend outing to the produce stand we love so well here in our area. We had fun making fresh meals this past week and this was one of our best dishes of the week. Enjoy!

(this recipe card is an image I found online and it is not from my Granny, but it looked like her writing, had Julia at the top, and it is basically the same recipe without the garlic, butter and crackers added to it. I can just see Mama, tbeo, Mawmaw, Aunt Donna, and Julie trying to figure out where I got this I thought I would clarify! ha.)

My little foodie in the kitchen helping me cook our veggies part of the time, and then heading out to the grill to help his Daddy with the meat the rest of the time. What a sweet little helper we have in Henry Patton!

Happy Food Friday!