Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Back Home

We're home from Siloam. And laundry is washed, dried, folded and put away. Can I get an hallelujah for that? Camp laundry is the worst because it contains, clothes, towels, sheets and blankets for all of us.

This year Samuel was too old to participate at Siloam (it was children' only week) so he spent the week with Stephen's parents in Branson. I got a text from him on Wednesday saying he had ridden Wildfire 22 times. Wildfire is a roller coaster that I've been on twice and I don't see anymore rides in my future. But he loved it. He now holds the claim-to-fame for riding it the 2nd most times. The most times on one day is 50. I can't imagine 50! He said he was " epically dizzy" after the 22!

Siloam was great fun. I got to see my blog friend Judy (she is just the sweetest and most beautiful person) and my friend Melinda who is also beautiful and sweet. Neither of them had to endure the heat of camp because they just camp up for a short amount of time but it was great to see them!

This was the best year at Siloam I've ever had. Including the year I had my first kiss in pavilion 22 with a boy from the town I'm currently living in. If you are looking for a camp to send your kids, children or youth, to, this is it! You will not be disappointed!

David & Daniel both came home with girls that liked them. I have a strict no boyfriend-girlfriend rule. They can like them all they want, but we are just not going to have those titles. They can save that for when they're older and know what it means. Anna didn't come home with a boyfriend. Thankfully there weren't any boys there her age!

It's good to be home and getting back in the groove of things. Blogging, school, laundry. What have you been doing?