Thursday, August 18, 2011


Weren't Abby's pictures just precious? Henry is such a doll and could not be cuter. Since Stephen and I have been married (18 years) we've probably vacationed on the beach 13 of those years. We have NO family pictures on the beach. So, when I saw Abby's I told the boys and Stephen that we were going to have pictures made when we go this year. They all said "NO!" at the same time. They let me know that it was vacation and there would be no family pictures taken. It makes it easier for me, I don't have to plan outfits for six people to wear on the beach for pictures. I guess its a win-win situation!

I was reminded this week of how different my life is now than just 2 or 3 years ago. I have friends that have young children and when I look into their eyes sometimes I see despair. And I remember that feeling so well. The realization that I could not run to the store by myself, Stephen and I couldn't decide to go on a date at the last minute, I couldn't close my bedroom door and take a nap on a really hard day. It wasn't an easy time. I have been reminded to pray for those moms of young children. Their time is not their own right now. I pray that you who are reading this will also vow to pray for those moms, and if you are one of them please know that I am praying for you!

Stephen and I will be going out tonight. In the last year Samuel has begun babysitting the other three kids for us. He doesn't like it too much, but we are showing him that we trust him and that is going a long way in our relationship with him. Life changes so fast. Sometimes we don't eve realize it until we look back and see where we've been and then we can look ahead and see where we are going. In a little of two years Samuel will be driving alone! AAHH!!!



Anonymous said...

Sweet post, Julie! And I can't wait for Drew to be old enough to babysit so I don't have to pay for a babysitter anymore. However, I'm afraid they all might kill each other if left under Drew's care......on second thought, maybe I will always have to pay for a babysitter :)

Melissa S.