Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Beach Bums

Henry took his first trip to the beach this past week. We visited Orange Beach, on the Alabama Gulf Coast. It was great fun for all 3 of us....yet Henry had the most fun, I think!

It was such a joy to watch him get hit by his first wave. I love that I actually captured it. His squeals and laughter will be stored in my heart forever. He is just too funny. I love that child.

We had our photos taken on the beach one morning while we were there. I am a social media junkie...though I am trying to cut back some for fear the state may come take my baby if I don't mop the floor more often...but it my social media escapades I found a new friend on the Alabama Gulf Coast who was kind enough to lend her photography talents to my little crew.

Henry did not pose for any of his shots. I know some of you who have seen the full online album are in awe at his photos. I am afraid he is a his Mama! ha. I love how Michelle captured him in true Henry form in all her shots. It makes my little Mama heart so happy to look at all of them.

I love the saggy pants in this photo and his hand...don't you just want to reach up and kiss your screen?! What a doll.

And this is true Henry speed. This is really why the floors don't get mopped. After I chase him all night I am too tired to see straight. I am too old for a toddler I think, but I sure love it! He loved running after the seagulls and playing in the "wawer"

Our trip was so fun. Watching him play in the hotel pool and on the beach was a trip in itself. He was the entertainment for everyone around us. They all knew Henry and when he retired for his afternoon naps they would ask "when will Henry be back". All the pregnant ladies, grandparents and teenage girls were smitten for Henry Patton. He cried "beach" on the way home so I am pretty sure we will do it again next Summer, and the next, and the next....



Kelley said...

Your pictures are beautiful! It looks like you had a blast!