Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Zoo Fun

We took this little curly headed cutie to the Memphis Zoo the other day.

He loved the farm animals a lot. I think because most of his animal toys make farm animal sounds, so he was familiar with them. He called the donkey "mama", but he called the gorilla "daddy", so that made it all better!

Henry and his daddy were admiring the ducks in this photo. I am not sure they were admiring them the way the zoo intended....admiring them from a duck hunters prospective, of course.

Henry loved taking in all the sights and smells of the zoo while riding the Once Upon A Farm train.

Henry loved getting out of the stroller and running his daddy all over the place. It was truly too cute.
"moo!" He was looking at the cow and saying, "moo".

It was not as cool as we anticipated that day, and this poor little fella got hot in his stroller, but he was a trooper. He loved looking at all the animals and soaking up all the other children around him.

We had so much fun taking Henry to the zoo. We took him at Christmas for Zoo Lights, but we saw no animals, so this was his first real zoo visit. Randall and I have many childhood and adulthood memories of the Memphis Zoo. We are excited to share many more special ones with Henry.