Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Easter at Home

I'm not going to give you excuses as to why I don't have pictures in this post. All I'm going to say is my desktop computer doesn't have internet access at this time. I'm sure if I plugged something in to the proper place it would, but I don't even know where to begin to look for the something or the place. So, life goes on.

We went to Branson on Thursday of last week to celebrate Daniel, David, and, Anna's birthdays. We (except for Stephen) love Branson. The kids love Silver Dollar City and I do too, the shopping is great there too. It was fun, but then it rained. And rained.

Saturday on the way home Daniel began complaining about his stomach hurting. We gave him Pepto and it still hurt. Sunday morning he woke up with the same complaint and asked me to stay home with him instead of leaving him home while I went to church. So I, the preachers wife, missed Easter Sunday services. I also missed the Sunday before Christmas. I'm a preachers wife failure!

The kids looked so nice on Easter though. I took our normal Easter photo, but with Daniel in the back since he had his pj's on! Anna's dress was a Strausburg. It was smocked and long with a bow in the back. She loved it. I loved it. This could be the last year she wears a dress like this. Oh, I'll be sad.

We had a good lunch and supper for Easter. The Easter Bunny was a failure, but the kids hardly noticed. I guess having birthday presents to open that morning took away from the glamour of the Easter Bunny. I'm so glad! Because the baskets this year were BAD!

I hope your Easter was a great day. We didn't do anything special, but enjoyed the day knowing that Jesus was alive!!!!



Kelley said...

We had that stomach virus too and it was awful! MK and I had it. I don't recall every feeling that bad before.