Thursday, April 7, 2011


I have been so busy lately. I can't seem to slow down. Last week I made two trips to Little Rock and the others days I was running errands, doing favors. You know, I was busy. I just knew this week was going to be slower and I would be able to get things done, or just spend good quality time with the kids. But no. That isn't what happened. This week has been just as busy, just with no trips out of town. This week has been spent watching a friends baby, getting haircuts for all the kids (I did that over two days, much easier that way) sitting with a friend while her father was dying and then grieving with the same friend when her father died, homeschool group and school. I'm hoping for a slow weekend and a slower week next week, because do you know what the next week is? Yes, it's birthday week! I will need my rest for that!! So, how about you? Have you been busy?



kathy said...

well i wondered what all you had been up to, since i haven't heard from you so much this week. maybe the weekend will be slower, but i bet it won't. 143 mama