Thursday, April 21, 2011


I've been checking my email junk folder for the last few days looking for a reply to an email I sent someone. And I have come across some interesting emails. I don't normally check the junk folder, I figure it doesn't do me any harm just sitting there. But, I'm pretty sure it would do some damage to my computer if I opened a few of these..... Sender Subject Latino Singles More Amor latino dating info (really?) Walk in Tub be safe during your shower (how old do they think I am) Mr. Lamindo Sanusi Urgent massage to you (an urgent massage? I don't think so) bra shop our selections of bras find me love still single? read this (no thank you, even if I was single) bra find quality brand name bras for less BOX of feelings for you i wanna spend my life with u ( thats exactly how it was written Asian singles online asian dating sites for anyone (even me!) underwear (as if emails from bra weren't enough) find your favorite style of underwear cowboy boots cowboy boots for men and women bra ( seriously, bra needs to get a new name!) bras you can depend on shop plus size fashions full-figured women need clothing too (I love this one!!) Engr. Frank Thabi crude oil partnership ( I wish this was true!) To think that people would open these kind of emails scares me. And the thought of someone sending these emails scares me more! Do you have a junk folder? Does it look like mine? Julie