Saturday, April 2, 2011

4 Legged Namesake

Abby Ann in her prime, sunning at the lake

Abby Ann and Abby Jo sunning at the lake

I was told that Randall had a dog named Abby, and for that I was none to happy about our blind date, over 9 years ago. I soon learned that the dog had become pretty partial to his mother and she had "custody" of her, so I accepted it and fell in love with him anyway.

There were many confusing visits to his mother's home. When she would yell "Abby" real loud, I always jumped, regardless of how many times I heard it, I jumped. It was truly odd.

Abby was old and had lost an eye, been run over by a pick-up truck, and a plethora of other things had happened to her, so yesterday she ended her good fight with life and went on to doggie heaven. I am not one who gets attached to animals, nor one who owns any pets of my own, but it sort of made me sad to see that old, big red headed tennis ball loving dog die.

Rest in peace Abby Ann!