Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Celebrations and Sirens...What A Week

We started our Easter week with Daddy home because of all the rain. It is a catch 22 having him is good, and bad. Oh the life of a wife of an agri man, I tell ya! Anyway, he likes to crawl in Henry's bed when he wakes up and surprise him. It about does me in , but it is cute, so I deal.

Henry got to experience his first Easter egg hunt this past weekend. He was so cute! I made his hunt bucket and had his shirt made. He is rotten, you know?!

It was a windy, windy afternoon but so much fun. Henry was a little unsure while all the other children were running at warp speed, but he soon took off and went after the "balls" and he managed to get 4 of them. We were proud, and even prouder when we found candy and quarters inside the eggs!

We had the hunt with some of my friends and Henry loved seeing everyone and playing at the park!

His little class had an Easter Sunrise Breakfast this week and I loved being able to go and sit with him. He loved showing me all his little tricks at school. It was cute.

His little friends are so precious and gobbled up all their Easter goodies. Henry got up and danced to Veggie Tales for them and made the parents laugh. I fear I have had my father's child!

Randall's mom came for a little visit this week and was kind enough to do my hair while she was here. It was WAY past due and she is the queen of color, so I was excited she came with her first aid hair bag!

It is not Spring here without a little visit to the closet. Henry and I stayed in the closet for 2 hours this week, while the storm passed through. The tornado siren is right outside our house so it is rather freaky when it goes off. The power then surged and the house alarm went off. I really thought I might meet Jesus at that very moment...just sayin! It was a siren roaring, wind roaring event, but my baby slept through the whole thing, thankfully.

We are looking forward to a few more celebrations before rounding out our Easter week. I love this week. The build up from Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday is magnificent. I hope your week has been half as exciting as ours...ha!



Kelley said...

What a fun post. I know Henry enjoyed hunting eggs for the first time. It is always so precious. We had to spend some time in the closet here too. Very scary and without power for a long time.