Friday, April 8, 2011

Food Friday

My friend Brittni and her daughter came over to hang out with Henry and me last weekend while Randall was planting. She is a fellow foodie, and I love her for it!
She came with Dump Cake ingredients. I failed to take any pictures that night, but luckily found these online. Nothing like a friend who bring 2 sticks of butter to your house....ain't that right?!
It tasted heavenly! I had never had it before and I loved it. Super easy and super yummy! There are a gillion and one ways to make it, so google it and find which one you like best.

I am loving some sweet potato fries these days. Henry is a big fan too! I found some in the frozen food aisle at our local grocery store and they are super yummy. I bake them and we eat them plan, no salt or any dipping sauce. They are good!

Henry has found the love of Sonic through the $1 tater tots. I love that child! I go for my Happy Hour Diet Coke (I am omitting the lime and omitting vanilla these days, and I like it plain much better. Who knew?!) and he gets a tater tot. We play our Sunday School Songs CD or our Praise Baby CD, open the sunroof. He dances and I sing. It is fun times for $2!! I am sure the Sonic girls think we are weird, but who cares.

Here is my little foodie eating Sonic after church on Sunday. He got chicken and tots. Daddy was off planting and I was lazy. Henry really liked it, and that made me not feel near as bad about feeding him junk for lunch!

Happy Food Friday!



Kelley said...

That's my kind of guy. We love Sonic!