Monday, April 11, 2011

A Little Marmie Love

Yay! Marmie came to see us over the weekend.
"Marms" got here in time to go with me to pick up Henry Friday afternoon. He had not seen her in a terribly long time, yet when he saw her at his door he smiled and reached for her. It was the sweetest thing.
He loved Showing "Marms" all his tricks and toys. She took pictures of everything he did. I stole most of these off her camera. She is truly a grandma!

Henry loved playing in Marmie's room (our guest room) because he is rarely invited in that room for play. He is a mess and she is a mess for encouraging it!

We spent a lot of our weekend swinging this little turkey! He loves his tree swing in the front yard and would stay in it all day if it were allowed.

We had so much fun with Marmie and loved every minute of our visit. This was a shot Marmie took of Henry eating his kids chicken strips, fries and bbq beans at Couch's BBQ...."nothing fancy, just good food!"



Kelley said...

That sounds like so much fun! Henry is a great eater. My MK was so picky. Mady likes everything.