Thursday, December 2, 2010

Henry is one!

Henry came to us a year ago today. We had anticipated his arrival since receiving gifts from Abby and Randall announcing his coming. I got a card, mom got a cake, daddy got a basket. They made finding out about Henry very special. (as did I when I had my first child...just sayin'!)

Henry is a beautiful little boy. God is so good to combine features of so many of our relatives into this one little boy. At times he looks like our Papaw who died in 1983, our dad, Randall,and Abby. But sadly, not a bit like me. Oh well!

I'm so excited to be an aunt! This picture was taken when he came to stay with us in June. He wasn't happy, but he had just arrived in town, and didn't know all the people that were oohing and ahhing over him. He soon became a very happy camper.

In fact, I think I hear him asking to came stay with Juju right now!!

Happy Birthday Henry! Your aunt, uncle and cousins love you the biggest much!!! See you very soon!



Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Sweet Henry!

Love you,

Kelley said...

Happy 1st Birthday Henry!