Thursday, December 2, 2010

Happy Birthday, Baby of Mine

Last year on this day I became a mother at 4:25 in the afternoon. Henry Patton was born and I began to experience a love like I had never known.

Today at 4:25 we took this picture ( this was actually taken a few minutes before that time...just being honest). I am in awe at how fast the year has gone by and how much he has grown. Our lives have changed so much since last December 2nd. So much for the better.

Thank you Lord, for this precious gift of life. Henry is such a joy to me. Each morning I am able to sing to him is a blessing. Each time I rock him to sleep is a blessing. Each time I hear his laughter is a blessing. Each time I her him cry is also a blessing. Thank you Lord, for all the little blessings wrapped up in this little life.

Happy 1st Birthday, sweet baby of mine.


The Family Marsico said...

This was one of the lullabies I sang to Hannah when she was a baby. So sweet.

Amanda M. said...

Happy Birthday, sweet Henry!

Kelley said...

Happy 1st Birthday Henry!