Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas Part 2

We stayed in Fort Smith through Christmas day. The kids were so excited to get to spend Christmas there they could hardly stand it. Last year we stayed home and they were less than thrilled with that. They love the busy-ness of going from place-to-place and having grandparents surround them for the holiday. At home, its just business as usual for them.

We did our usual Christmas traditions. We went to a candlelight Christmas Eve service, which the kids love. And then headed to the in-laws for the evening.

Once we put the kids to bed, Santa got to work. He didn't have anything to put together this year and we loved that! The boys got Lego's and Stephen commented that this year we didn't have to put anything together, the kids have to put their own toys together this year.


Christmas morning was great fun! The kids took turns opening presents. They got to see what the others got and they practiced patience. And they didn't seem to mind. Gotta love that!

The big news is I GOT A CAMERA!! I know! Evidently my in-laws think that I can be held responsible for this camera. It isn't the one I asked for, obviously the responsibility they feel I have has its limits! But it is cute and pink! I can't wait to take pictures with it.

We then headed to mom's for more presents and brunch. It was great getting to sit down at her table. I miss eating at her table. The kids got everything they wanted. Well almost, we have Christmas part 3 coming this weekend and that is when it will be official, they will have received everything on their lists.

Crazy, but good!!

What did you get for Christmas??