Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Christmas Time Is Here

It is December 1.
That means it is time to tear open the 1st door on your chocolate advent calendar! In our family, it is a tradition. We all have one. The Fab Four and Mama's are sitting in my kitchen waiting on them to get here this weekend. I failed to give them to Julie last month, so they have to wait until December 4th to open them.
See, One of us buys them on clearance the year before and freezes them. We never know who bought them or whose freezer they are in until it is time to use them. It is a fun little mess we have. Call us cheap, but it works!
Mama always had one for us each year when we were growing up. One year she could not find the chocolate one so we got one with trinket toys. That was so not cool. At least she tried.

December 1 also means it is this sweet little girl's birthday. This photo is about 4 years old but I just love it. Claire is our cousin Hollye's daughter. She is the same age as David & Daniel. I spent most of the first year of her life near, or in her home. I became very smitten with her. I love this child a whole lot. She was on my hip when I met Randall for the first time.
Happy 10th Birthday, Claire Allyn! You are making me feel old, child!

Happy December to all of you.
We plan to make it a fun month full of Christmas posts!


Kelley said...

Mary-Kate has a chocolate advent calendar! She loves it.