Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Happy Trails

We love to go 4 wheeling at our house. Even little Henry has a non-motorized one that he has already taken an interest in.

I had not been on a 4 wheeler much at all until I started dating Randall. I discovered very quickly that I enjoyed riding them a lot. Since then we have bought and sold too many for me to keep count. I love that it is something that we can do together.

We don't go for long rides that often because of time, distance, and now we have Henry. we were able to go riding over the weekend and it was so fun! We were gone all day and saw some neat places that we would have never known about otherwise. It is low key, inexpensive, all natural, you can talk out loud, and you are in charge of your own time, distance and speed. It really gets no better, I tell ya!

(that is us on the bridge)

It is fun to have the time to do the things that we really enjoy. I think it helps motivate, energize, and fill us with joy. (There are also other things that fill me with joy, this was just a good example to use...no worries!)

What fun things do you do that make your insides shout with joy?

Abby Jo


Kelley said...

We love to laugh. A. Lot. It is fun getting together with family and just retell old stories and laugh.