Thursday, September 23, 2010

A Presidential day

My children love to write letters to the President. It began as a writing assignment a couple of years ago, and when they got a response back from the White House. Well, it was just too much!

They have received a picture of President and Mrs. Bush, and a picture of one of their dogs. We were also on their Christmas card list one year.

They have written to President Obama, but only one of them received a letter back and it was a form letter, very unlike what the Bush's sent. I know what the Bush's sent was a form letter, but the letter had a target audience of someone my boys ages. The Obama's letter had a target audience of me. It didn't help my feelings toward him to much.

David sent a letter to President Bush in the summer. It wasn't part of a school assignment, he just wanted to write a letter to him. He told him about playing baseball, about his parents, and his siblings. It was a good letter so I sent it. (I take the liberty to not send all letters that are written. Some of them aren't postage stamp worthy!)

So, yesterday David went to get the mail (which he hardly ever does), and he came in the house beaming! Beaming! The envelope was addressed to Master David Beavers and had an embossed return address on it. Really cool. And the picture has his name on it. It is really cool.

So, do you send letters to the President? What have you gotten in return?



Sisters said...

I love it...makes Aunt Abby smile. I can see that face beaming when I read this. Love that face.

Samuel Boren said...

This is pretty cool.