Thursday, September 16, 2010

Same alike? NOT!

Our twins look a bit alike. There are times that from a distance I don't always know which one is which. Ok, so there are times when up close I don't always know which one is which!

They had their first soccer game of the season Tuesday night. They're on the same team, thus looking even more alike.

As they played, I was once again reminded of the differences in them. Differences we've known since they were in the womb.

David was playing hard. He had a fierce look on his face and was kicking the ball up and down the field. He even scored the teams last goal. I could see his competitiveness coming out.

Daniel was playing hard too. He was also talking to the other players and even chatting with the coach while walking down the field. He was laughing and having a good time. When the ball came to him he moved it down the field, but he did so with a smile on his face.

When I was pregnant David kicked and moved like crazy. Daniel hardly moved at all. In fact, we named them because of the characteristics of their Biblical counterparts.

The Biblical David was a man after God's own heart, but he also had times of bad behavior. We don't know much bad about the Daniel of the Bible so we named our easy going baby after Daniel.

Yesterday when Stephen was home at lunch, I got on to Daniel for something. I can't even remember what it was. Stephen looked at me and said, "they should switch pretty soon. It'll be David's turn to act like a knucklehead, its been Daniel's turn for quite a while"

That statement is so very true. Since they were babies they have switched personalities. One of them could be easy going for a week and one morning wake up and be the difficult child, while the other one, all of the sudden, was easy going.

Having twins has been the most fun thing I've experienced. It has also left me dumbfounded at times.

I'm so glad God blessed us with twins. I didn't think He knew what He was doing at first. I really didn't think I could be a mom to twins. But, it turns out God knew all along what He was doing (surprised anyone??!!!) This is one of the funnest rides I've ever been on.

But really, it is time for them to switch personalities, I think David is beginning to think he can do no wrong!!!



UnicycleRose said...

Yes, healthy children are huge blessings and to get two at hit the jackpot! They are adorable! I have a Daniel too, great name.

Kelley said...

Aww so precious! I can't tell them apart from that picture. I like how you all decided to name them and the idea behind it.

Anonymous said...

I don't guess I'm smart enough to know how you could decipher which one of those knuckleheads was kicking you in the womb !