Saturday, September 25, 2010

Henry's First Haircut

Henry before his first haircut

Henry waiting on his haircut
I loved his facial expression

One last side view of my shaggy baby

Henry getting the first of many haircuts
I was holding him
His Daddy was entertaining him

His Daddy holding him after the haircut

The new side view of my sweet Henry

Henry and Mama survived his first haircut
Henry after his first haircut
What a doll!


Kelley said...

Henry is so cute! Mary-Kate got her first haircut at 9 months. She had a comb over with her bangs. I hated to do it, but had too.

Amanda M. said...

He is SO darling! And the outfit is TOOO DERN CUTE!

hair extensions Austin said...

Wow, he's so freakin cute.