Tuesday, September 21, 2010

A Blue Ribbon kind of day

The county fair was in town last week. And once again we didn't go.

I grew up going to the fair and loved it. But this county fair just doesn't excite me or entice me to spend great wads of money for hastily put together rides that last a very short amount of time.

My kids understand, and don't even complain. I mean, they went to Disneyworld for goodness sake!

Even though we don't go to the fair, we do enter projects in the fair in hopes of ribbons and money!

This year was no exception. I had big plans for the kids to make brownies, cookies and a cake but my oven broke. (The heating element caught fire! It was out of use for a week!) So, the kids entries this year were slim, but worth a trip.

We picked up our projects from the fair today and here is what happened!

David entered two lego models. One a plane, the other a helicopter. He got 1st place-a blue ribbon- for both of them!! He also entered a pillow he made at church and got 1st place on it. He got 2nd place on a wood burned item. He was awarded a check for $13.75! Not bad for turning in some things he did when he was just having fun.

Daniel only entered one item. His entry was a wood-burned item and he got 1st place place!

Samuel entered a pillow and a wood-burned item. The pillow won 1st place and the wood-burned item won 2nd place.

Anna only entered one item. She entered a flower arrangement she made at Sunday School. She got 2nd place. She was a little disappointed but when she cashed her check her excitement rose!

We are going to celebrate our blue ribbon day with a picnic! Sounds like fun, don't you think??



The Family Marsico said...

We were just talking this weekend with friends about likes and dislikes of the fair. My friend Krisha and I told everyone that our parents just used to drop us off and say have a good time then pick us up a few hours later. They couldn't believe any good, responsible parent would do that. Oh well. It was fun and no one ever got lost, taken, or hurt.

Anonymous said...

so proud of my grandkids and their creativity. They rock my world !