Friday, September 17, 2010

Food Friday

I have eaten lots of good food this week.
It was birthday week so we celebrated with food...because that is what we all do, right?!
I ate at Cock Of The Walk for the first time. It was a fat-filled yummy time. I will definitely go back and add it to my list of all time favorites. A spur of the moment decision lead us there (while in route to my most favorite place of all - Bonefish) and it was good fun and great food.

Because it is birthday week I have been having 2 a keeps the wrinkles away!
I made my own birthday cake balls. Really...there is something wrong with making your own cake...just sayin! I do have a "good scald" on these ever popular cake balls though. I must admit.

Mexican food has been served up more than once this week...3 times to be exact. I do love it. Randall and I had Taco Bell in the truck on the way to LR (does this even count as food? I rarely eat it and there is good reason), we had lunch at a yummy little Mexican place on my birthday and I made tacos this week also. I have been south of the border a lot this week.

I heart sushi...minus the raw stuff. The Kentucky roll and crunchy crab roll are my new faves. I was blessed to have an early birthday lunch with one of my best J'Town gals and sushi was my pick. I looked forward to it for days. When I told her how much I had been looking forward to it, she begged me to get out more often! I love her...and sushi.

And it is not Food Friday without this little guy! Here is my little foodie watching his favorite video from his highchair while I cooked up dinner. He is my favorite kitchen helper!

Happy Food Friday!


The Family Marsico said...

I love me some Kentucky roll! That's my pick for birthday food.