Tuesday, September 14, 2010

A Shopping Score!

I went to my local consignment shop the other day and SCORED!!

I have been a few times recently and have come back empty handed. Sad, really.

Well, we did buy a bed for Samuel there, but I don't count that. It was a bargain, but it was way more money than I normally spend at a consignment store.

I had some time to waste before I had to be somewhere so we stopped in at A&E's to shop around. And I'm so glad I did!

I got a beautiful plaid Bonnie Jean Christmas dress for Anna, a Tiara Christmas sweater for Anna (that is so very cute. It has reindeer on the front and back. Oh my goodness, cute!), and two pair of leggings and one pair of purple velour pants (because who doesn't need a pair of those for winter!) for her. And a Blue Angels t-shirt for D&D to share.

Are you ready for my total? $9.53! 6 items=$9.53!

I hit the jackpot that day! I was so excited.

I bet you're excited for me, aren't you?!

Come on down and I'll take you shopping! It's great fun!


Anonymous said...

Well, I guess that tells me where my
Christmas present is coming from !