Monday, August 16, 2010

A Short Story- Lost

I have been looking all over for a cute story I wrote about Stephen and I meeting, dating, falling in love and getting married.

I started writing it weeks ago so that it would be ready to post for our anniversary. And now I've lost it.

Just the story. I haven't lost my mind. Yet.

It was real cute. It started off telling about how the first time I remember him he was riding his bike down my street, stopped and asked me to "go with him" ( and I knew he didn't mean go riding bikes down the street!), I said no, and he left. I was twelve.

I told a few cute stories of other romances we both had and watched from the sidelines. How we decided to hang out together one summer. Probably out of sheer loneliness, boredom and embarrassment of being alone and bored. And how our friendship deepened. We learned about each other, we laughed, I cried (because I'm a girl, and its what we do), we had fun times.

And then he went back to his girlfriend at school.

Surely she knew something was up when her 19 year old college boyfriend didn't visit her not one single time that summer. Didn't she? I don't know. I picked out her birthday present that summer. Oh, I loved those Anne Klien earrings!

And then we broke up with our respective special ones. And slowly fell in love with each other.
It was beautiful. Lovely. Perfect.

And the engagement. Well, perfection once again.

Our wedding day was hot! It was August, I had a long sleeved dress on, he in a tux. We were hot. And hot for each other! (I'm sorry, I couldn't resist!)

It was a beautiful wedding, with the most beautiful flowers ever!

And now it is 17 years later. I knew we would make it 17 years. I didn't envision shopping for our 12 year old son's bed with our other three kids in tow on our 17th anniversary though. That NEVER entered my mind!

But we did, and it was fun. And then we celebrated at dinner with some of our favorite couples in town. We had a great night of laughter, good food, and just plain old fun!

Happy Anniversary to us! 17 years! I love him so much!


Anonymous said...

I have to add something to that story. I remember once upon a time I was sitting in "my chair" in our den at the Fort and Julie walked by and made some kind of comment about wishing that Beavers boy would leave her alone. I looked at her and said these very words, "Julie, you'll marry Stephen some day." Period, paragraph.