Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A Coke and a Smile

Me, Mawmaw, Cindy, and Uncle David

I had such a fun weekend with all of my family (except for my Miss/Tenn folks). I hadn't seen most of them since Thanksgiving. And in our family, that is just too long. But sadly becoming the norm since my generation doesn't live in the same town and with all of our kids it is hard to get together.

But when we do, we have a good time.

After an eventful week, I arrived in Fort Smith on Thursday afternoon and quickly went to my friend Cindy's house. I've told you about her before. I've known her since I was 15. We just love each other.

I wasn't feeling my best, and things of the week were weighing on me. When I got to her house, she looked at me and handed me a can coke from the freezer and a king size Snicker. The coke was slushy and the snicker was chocolatey and nugetey and good.

It was the best way to start off my birthday weekend!



Anonymous said...

I really think its time for "Bobby Do and The Don'ts" to have a "REUNION TOUR". "TWIST AND SHOUT" never performed better than when "Bobby Do" sang lead...and THE DON'Ts (Cindy and Julie) sang background. We were a real blessing to alot of folks.

Bobby Do