Thursday, August 26, 2010


Today was the big day!

Daniel got his cast off!!!

We have been anticipating this day for 5 long, hot, non-swimming, non-bike riding weeks. I have had to wash his hair, get him in and out of the bath (no, I probably didn't HAVE to get him in and out of the bath, but it just seemed like the right thing to do) and he has been stuck on the bottom bunk at night. He doesn't like the bottom bunk at all.

I will say that he has gotten off pretty easy around the house though. He hasn't had to take the trash out, take the clean clothes into my room from the laundry room, scrape his plate into the trash after a meal (we REALLY need a disposal!), or bring in the groceries.

I have a feeling his brothers are going to make sure he pays them back for having to do his share of the work for this time.

He hasn't had to wear shorts that button or zip. Or wear shoes that tie. He loved that! He lives for sports shorts and crocs!

I was going to post a picture of his new free arm. But it still doesn't look very good. The bones have healed but his arm still isn't straight. It makes me grimace to look at it, and even to write about it! The doctor gave him exercises to do for a couple of weeks and then we go back to make sure he has full range of motion. He said it could be months before his arm looks normal.


Please let me know if you have experience with this. I was expecting a normal looking arm, and I didn't get that.

Tomorrow we are going swimming. A family in our church has an above the ground pool that is still open for business! While their girls are at school, we are going to have recess at their house!

Its been a good day. I took all the kids but Samuel with me to Little Rock today. We missed him, but had a good time anyway. It was a good day to be a mom!!



Kelley said...

So glad he finally got the cast off. Praying that it will straighten out.

Anonymous said...

He'll be ok. If it doesn't straighten out it will be a great "ice breaker" whe he starts dating.

Lindsey Watson said...

I broke my leg in 4th grade, had 2 different casts on it for a combined total of 5 months, and it was probably a year or little bit more before my leg looked "normal" again. and by "normal" i mean non-scaley and straight. it was still another couple of years before it didn't swell if i did more than walk on it. :)
it's fine now, so there is hope for the boy! :)