Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Laughter through tears is my favorite emotion

Henry and I decided to head west on a moments notice. We set out on our journey and half way there our car decided it did not want to continue on that journey with us. It was 107 degrees that day. Thankfully we were in my old college town and we had our sweet Lindsey there to take care of us. She was an angel that day, for sure. I love how something that could have been really stressful, chaotic and scary turned into a fun memory. Thank you to her Uncle Troy for taking us to supper and making fast friends with Henry. Thanks to Mrs. Edna (her mama) for coming to make sure we were okay and making us smile. Lindsey, you are a lifesaver of a pal and I am so glad you love me more than your luggage! hee hee
Marmie came to the rescue and picked us up and took us to our final destination...her house. Henry was so happy to see her and give wet kisses. It was a great week to come and a much needed one. The trip here was a bit more than I bargained for but God knew I needed to be here and showed me how He is in control of my comings and goings. What a lesson and blessing we are getting here this week, fo'sho!

The icing on the trip here is seeing my BFF's sweet boys. This is Luke being poked and picked by our little Henry. Luke is the baby I asked you to pray for in May. He was airlifted to the children's hospital in our state to have emergency surgery. As you can see, he is a healthy baby boy now. Praise! He and Henry are fast friends and I love it.

And I forgot to post this on Monday when he turned 8 months. He is a big boy! I love his personality. He lights up the room, he talks all the time, has 3 teeth coming in, can give a high five (thanks to his Daddy) and he loves to laugh. I feel blessed to have a happy child. It makes for a happy mama!


Anonymous said...

Henry is definitely a little "ham". I do wonder where that came from.

Anonymous said...

And, another thing, Henry really needs to stop picking Luke's nose!

Lindsey Watson said...

girl, you know i do love you more than my luggage!! :) i hate that your car broke, but i loved seeing you and little man. you need to show him pictures of me every day, so he won't cry over stranger danger anymore. ;)