Monday, August 2, 2010

The Dolly Parton Tour!

Have I told you that Samuel is on the puppet ministry team at our church? I can't remember.

The pmt is made up of 7 6-12th grade students and one adult leader. They practice once a week and are really good!

They perform at nursing homes, various churches and anywhere else that asks them to come.

Last year they did their version of a singing Christmas Tree at church that was absolutely delightful! It was funny, poignant, and meaningful. Everyone loved it!

Last night they performed a show as the kick-off to their summer puppet tour. They not only perform with puppets but also do some black-light (where everything black can't be seen, but neon and white show up in the light) drama.

Oh my goodness it was good! Let me just say that Samuel was awesome. All the other kids did a great job, but since this is my blog Samuel did super-duper good!!!

I was so proud of all of them. They work so hard to get everything "just right" so that the messages in the songs is never muted by what the puppets are doing. The songs chosen were perfect for everyone in attendance. Old, young, boy, girl.

Today the pmt leaves on their first mission trip. They are headed to the Smoky Mountains to do a few puppet shows. They will also visit Dollywood and the Dixie Stampede. I guess they should have called it the Dolly Parton tour, but that probably wouldn't have gone over very well!! HA!

If you are so inclined, pray for them this week. Samuel is away from me and isn't with any family members. This is a first! Pray for safety, and good times!!

Thanks! Julie


Anonymous said...

Connie and I will be praying for him and don't worry about him...he is mature beyond his years. I am so proud of of my "senior" I am with all the "junior" grandchildren.