Friday, August 20, 2010

12 Days Older

We've established that I love birthdays, right? I really think they are the most perfect day of the year.

Friday the 20th was my Grandaddy's birthday. He loved to tell me that I was 12 days older than he. Which was hilarious to me as a child.

Grandaddy and I were close. I loved that man. He was funny, witty, and just plain sweet. And he always made me feel special.

I wasn't born into his family, instead I was loved into it. And besides my daddy, my Grandaddy had a large role in making that possible.

We had some good times together. Luckily, he got to meet Stephen before he died. Or maybe its the other way around. Stephen was lucky that he got to meet Grandaddy before he died.

There's just something about wanting your loved ones approval of the one you love and marry. My Pawpaw died before I was in high school (before Abby was in 1st grade), and I wish he had met Stephen. Just so he would see that I married well. I know he would have been proud too.

Happy Birthday Grandaddy!

PS. I was unsure of how to spell Granddaddy, so I spellchecked it and both ways, Granddaddy and Grandaddy, passed spellcheck. I guess it is up to me to decide, so I choose Grandaddy. Maybe this is why Abby always called him Peeps!


Anonymous said...

Don't think for one minute he doesn't know how well Stephen married.(ha!)
He is looking down and rejoicing with the angels at how beautiful you, Abby, and those 5 great grandchildren of his are. He and Joe are up there bragging on all of you 24/7 (do they have 24/7 in heaven ? Check that out with yo hubby ?)