Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Big 4-0 Photos

Julie turned 40 over the weekend, as you know. I thought we should finalize the celebration with some photos. Julie never posts photos so I will. I really am a good sister.
She must be really loved because most everyone came to town to celebrate her.

The kids did birthday card crafts at Marmie's with the help of Aunt was fun.

Julie had fun being spoiled by everyone.

This is Julie and me with her BFF from high school, Cindy. She is like family. I fear Anna may like slumber parties with Cindy more than Aunt Abby. I told Anna to never tell me...just lie to me! Cindy is a load of fun.

We loved staying with Mama and visiting TBEO.

And a trip to the Fort the same weekend with these sweet people makes it extra, extra special. Julie loved having our grandparents help her celebrate her new decade.

It was a fun weekend. I always love quality time with the family back home, getting lots of hugs and laughs from the Fab four and making my sister go crazy. It was a great birthday weekend!



The Family Marsico said...

And I do love some Georges. One of the best places on the planet to eat. I'd recognize it in the background any day of the week.

And cookies and cupcakes from Amy! Looks like you guys had a sweet time.

Kelley said...

Happy Birthday! What a fun time had by all.

Amanda M. said...

Looks SO fun! HB to Julie!!!!!