Saturday, August 7, 2010

Forty and Fabulous

Here's a story of a bathing beauty who is now the BIG 40

She has always had a warm smile and soft heart

She was born to shop and be a baby mama
She always had a little rough and rowdy side

Having a sister at the age of 8 was a rude awakening

But she was always happy to be bossy to the younger family members

Her great legs and loud mouth made her a great cheerleader

Boy, she sure is pretty though

...and smart too

and a real catch with the older men!

Yet a younger man snagged her and made her his bride...a very beautiful bride.

And today she is still in-love with her man...

and has four beautiful babies.

Julie has had four fabulous decades and here's to many, many more!

Happy 40th Julia Kathryn!


Kelley said...

I loved seeing the pictures! Happy Birthday! You and Anna are twins!