Sunday, April 4, 2010

Henry's 1st Easter

I have loaded all our Easter photos for you to see. Henry did Easter up big. We had so much fun telling him about Jesus, singing Easter songs over the past few weeks, and having the Easter Bunny bring him treats. Last year we were just finding out that Henry was in my belly. So funny to see how fast life can change in a year's time.
Henry went to see the Easter Bunny for the first time a couple of weeks ago. It was funny how unaware he will never be that way again, I know.

Henry dressed up for Easter to go to daycare, as usual.
He is always decked out for the holidays!

Henry had an Easter tree in his cute.

Henry dyed eggs for the first time. I remember doing the eggs alone last year and smiling thinking about my wee little baby in my belly sitting in a Bumbo seat helping me dye eggs in 2010 and it came to fruition...yay!

Daddy telling Henry to revolt, cry, scream because Mama is a dork!

Henry seeing and touching an egg for the first time.

Our family on Easter morning before church.
Last year we told our family about my pregnancy on Easter weekend. Now here we are!

Here is what the Easter Bunny brought us!
Our baby boy in his bunny smocked Easter frock.

Mama loving on her little bunny boy before church

Daddy and Henry headed out the door to go to church

Nana & Papa came to our house for lunch and loved on our little bunny boy all afternoon.

Easter was a fun time here at our house. We have so much to be thankful for. Henry has seen Easter now and I think he really liked it!

P.S. Julie took a photo of her kids today on Easter...yay! Now, let's encourage her to actually post it! Love ya, sis.


Kelley said...

I loved seeing the pictures! I think it is cute that you dress Henry up for school. Your family picture is beautiful.

Anonymous said...

He is definitely a keeper !


Amanda M. said...

He is the best dressed baby boy ever! I love the bunny smocked frock - that is EXACTLY how I would dress a baby boy! He's just a total doll. :)