Sunday, April 25, 2010

Birthday Bash in Twinkle Town

Henry got to see his Marmie at Juju's house. We went to celebrate 3 birthdays. Henry went to his first birthday party too!

Juju was so excited to see Henry. These two are quite the pair.

Uncle Stephen is quite smitten with our boy too.

Anna celebrated her 6th birthday. This is possibly the saddest looking cake I have ever made, but she was super excited about it and that is all that really matters I reckon.

David & Daniel turned 9 and had a Game Day party. I purchased their cookie cakes this year. A baseball and a basketball. They think I made them. I had Kroger leave the store stickers off of the trays. I am crafty like that. Julie and I have agreed to lie to the kids in order to make us look good and "auntly" no matter what. Having them think we are super women is just too cool and there is really no need to burst their little bubbles.

The boys came up with the idea that the boy with the most cookie cake left got a whip cream pie in his face. David lost and Daniel took pride in throwing it in his pretty little face.

David took it with a smile but had a pay back pie for his twin brother.

Daniel took it and ran. His friend followed him with more.

It was funny. Daniel did not like it too much. He started gagging and Julie had to get it off of him pretty fast to prevent him from getting sick. He is SO his mother and Aunt Abby when it comes to the gagging. By the way, that is Samuel in the corner of this picture laughing at his brother.

Here is our crew. The Fab Five. It was birthday morning for the twins. They fill up a couch. I love that. We are a blessed group. It was a fun and fast weekend with the fam at Julie's house. We always love our little visits and look forward to the next one. I still struggle knowing those boys are getting so big. It makes Aunt Abby feel like an old lady!


Kelley said...

That looks like such a great time!