Thursday, April 29, 2010

A post about a camera

I need a camera.

I seriously need a camera.

I have three pictures of birthday week. Three. And none of them are of Anna.

I need a camera.

We leave for Disney World (is that supposed to be one word? I don't know) in 18 days. I need a camera.

I'm sure you're saying "go get one!"

But you know my history with cameras, right?

I have broken my last three cameras. The first one I allowed my kindergarten son to use and instead of pushing the button to take the picture he was pushing the power button. After about 15 minutes of that, the camera shut down, never to open up again. I was sad, it was my favorite camera I've ever had.

The second one, I broke. The battery compartment door broke off. When the compartment door is off the batteries don't stay in. This is a huge problem.

The third one I had less than a month. I allowed Anna to take a picture with it while we were on vacation. She was taking a picture of a cat, a man came around and said "BOO", scaring her just as he wanted to, but also causing her to drop my camera on concrete. and. breaking. it.

So, I've been using Samuel's camera since September. Does it bother me that he has kept a camera for a year and a half without breaking it? A little.

I don't like borrowing his camera. Darn it all I want one of my own. But I just don't see Stephen handing over the money for another camera. Maybe I should buy him one.

Oh! That is such a fabo idea! Problem solved. I'll buy Stephen a camera and use it. Well, if he lets me.

Please tell me you are clumsy with something too. It doesn't have to be expensive, but if it is it will make me feel better!


The Family Marsico said...

Well, I cannot relate with cameras. I got a very expensive, lovely film camera in 10th grade and have had it since. It takes better pictures than any other camera I have ever had. That's 14 years.

However, I have killed more cell phones than I care to admit. I can't keep up with chargers of any sort and regularly have to purchase new ones. My last cell phone literally broke in half. Instead of investing in a nice new expensive phone, I pulled a really old phone out of a drawer and had them program it.

Amanda M. said...

We have been really good with our most recent camera, but the one before that? The battery compartment door had indeed broken off and for about 3 years, it was sporting a duct tape repair which kept it on. It looked so gorgeous, let me just tell you!

Anonymous said...

I will buy you a camera. Walgreens has a sale on them. All you have to do after you use all the exposures is take the whole thing, cardboard camera and all, back to Walgreens and they'll develope the film. Its on the way soon. Enjoy !