Sunday, April 25, 2010

Birthdays are over!

The streamers are in the trash, the balloons are floating low to the ground, the gift bags are put up and the wrapping paper is thrown away.

Our visitors have left, and toys have made their way to their homes in our house.

Things are getting back in order. We still have one birthday cake left to finish. Four birthday cakes in four days is a lot of cake!

But I wouldn't trade having birthday week for anything. I like the excitement, busyness, and mess of it all. And then I like to relax from birthday week.

I think next year we should plan a beach trip for the week after. That sounds like something I could go for!

My mom, Abby and Henry came for the weekend. It was such fun getting to be together with them. David and Daniel had a birthday party Friday night.

We had originally planned a bonfire in our yard but it rained. So we switched gears and moved the party to the gym at the church. Everyone had a great time and I didn't have a mess at my house. Well, except for the mess that was already there!

Go here and here for a little more about the boys.

I'm off to church now. I love going to church. But thats another post for another day!


Kelley said...

Happy Birthday to both boys! I know you enjoyed celebrating with family.

Amanda M. said...

That sounds like such a fun week. Especially that part about the multiple cakes. hehe. ;)