Thursday, April 1, 2010

Henry - 4 Months

My baby boy is 4 months old!
He is such a happy baby. He knows what he wants and is not afraid to let us know about it. He babbles all the time. He loves to stand up and bounce. He likes to suck on his hands, take baths and play in the floor with his Daddy. He has discovered so much this past month. He helps hold his bottle and he likes to grasp things all the time.
Henry started a new daycare...the daycare of choice! We are so excited the wait is over and he is now attending such a wonderful place. It is such a sweet place for him to be. I feel so blessed to have him there. Henry is a little weed...a cute little weed!
I have included the past 3 funny.
I loved this outfit on him. It is now packed away.

I thought he was so big at the time.

He looks formula drunk...poor thing!
Happy 4 months, Henry Patton!


The Family Marsico said...

Look how big he is! Really, you mustn't be such a stranger. Come and see us some time and let me see Avery's baby, I mean, your baby. Avery was telling me all about your Henry. You better watch out for that little girl. I think she's smitten.

Kelley said...

He is so cute Abby! He is really growing up. That first year happens so fast. I am glad you are taking lots of pictures. You guys have a great weekend.

Cari said...

Happy 4 months Henry!!! You are getting soo big!!

Amanda M. said...

SUCH a beautiful baby!