Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Henry started eating food this week! Green beans were his introduction to the world of food. Carrots were second and I think he is in love! He took to them totally different than the beans. I was laughing at him as he aimed for the spoon with his little head. He is his mother's child. I adored carrots when I was a little girl. My Granny (great-grandmother) always cooked them for me. Last night I smiled thinking about her sitting with the multitude of cousins and laughing at us from heaven. I know she loved watching Henry suck down those carrots.

By the way, one time when I was in college I ate a whole bag of carrots in one day and turned orange. A little useless information to put in your pipe.



Cari said...

That so fun! Can't wait till Lincoln is interested in real food and see what all he likes!!

Eat those carrots up, Henry!! Maybe one day you can turn orange too! Ha!


Kelley said...

That's so cute! Henry is really growing fast. He is the cutest thing. Glad he likes carrots. MK loved eating carrots too. She loved food period. Then at two she got picky. Now at four, she is liking everything again.

kathy said...

that is so cute. he sure learned to eat from a spoon real quick!! you may have a real eater.

The Lapinski Family said...

Samantha loves carrots as well. When it was time to transition to table food (as opposed to baby food), cooked carrots were the first vegetable that I got her to eat whole ... I can't believe how fast the time has gone by -- Henry is already 20 weeks old?! Wow ...