Friday, May 8, 2009

Telling Daddy

Saturday - April 11, 2009
Today I told Daddy and Connie, Aunt Babs and Hollye.
Daddy & Connie had planned to come for the day to shop and pick up the vacuum I had scored for them at a yard sale. Little did they know they would be getting news about Baby L upon their arrival. Ashley (Connie's daughter) was with them. She had asked them in the car on the way over when I was going to have a baby. Connie said she thought it would be soon, but she never dreamed she would get the news today! I made an Easter basket full of baby items. A bib, 2 pacifiers, Johnson & Johnson mini baby items, a stuffed lamb and mini Baby Ruth's that I had wrapped "L" around so it read "Baby L". Well, it took them forever to realize what was going on. They stared at that basket for the longest time and I finally had to coach them along until they got it. They screamed, cried, hugged me and smiled from ear to ear. We had a fun day shopping and talking about babies.

I called Aunt Babs & Hollye while we were together and told them the big news. They were excited and passed the phone back and forth. Uncle Joe wanted to know what we had been doing in March. We were all laughing in shock at UJ for being so bold! Hollye was busy dying eggs with Claire and said in her best "Mean Sister" tone, "Well, we know whose eggs will win the contest from now on!" I told her that we shall just see about that in due time…I may loose my creative touch, you never know. I encouraged her to keep on striving for perfection. She and Julie give me a hard time. They love to pick on little Abby. I would not have it any other way though. I love it. I can't wait for them to love Baby L. Anyway, Babs wanted to get out the megaphone and shout it out to all of East Memphis and the surrounding areas but I calmed her down and told her to zip it up until I went to the doctor.
I am excited about all of them loving my baby.



hsmomma5 said...

Congratulations Abby! I want to know how you gave Julie the news!!!!

Trish said...

I am glad you chose such creative/fun ways to tell everyone. That makes it more memorable. You are going to be an Awesome mom!