Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Supper Sick

I have decided I do not like planning supper anymore. I used to love it, live for it, take pride in it. Now I almost could go without it in order to not have to think about it, prepare it and especially plan it. I think it is that I am in a job that has me plan, prepare and think all day. I love that job though, so what is a girl to do? Give me pointers. I even hate grocery shopping. It puts me in a bad mood. I remember when we first got married Kroger was my happy place. I loved grocery shopping. It was a thrill. I need out of this funk. Give me pointers, new recipes, suggestions to make it easier. I am going to have a little mouth to feed in the next little bit and I want to have the desire to fix good meals for that sweet little thing!
Poor Randall. He used to get special bread, casseroles and homemade desserts every night. It is a wonder he finds his way home to my table anymore. Bless his heart.



Anonymous said...

Hey Abby! I's Jill! Use your crockpot girl! Throw stuff in there and by the time you get home dinner is done! Also, make a few freezer meals. :)

luv ya

Lindsey Watson said...

i haven't done this, but i know some people who have - pick a weekend that you and your j-town besties all have free. everyone of you choose 2 meals and purchase groceries enough for all of you and your families. (if you have 3 friends who are married, then purchase enough for 8 people) everyone go to one of your houses, prepare your meals, keep enough for your house, and give your friends the other servings. you just got 8 meals and only had to make 2! and you got to spend some fun time with your girl friends. make sure these meals can go in the freezer, so you don't have to eat them all back to back if you don't want! :) hope this helps. and i know your cooking mojo will come back! start thinking homemade babyfood! :) love you tons!!

hsmomma5 said...

I go through the same thing. I have found what helps me is to find new recipes. Then I am excited to plan them and try them out. Have you ever looked at the recipes on www.kraftfoods.com? They have a ton of great ones and they are all simple and quick--great for an expecting working girl! ;)

I also agree with the crockpot comment. LOVE the crockpot! recipezaar.com and allrecipes.com are great sources for inspiration too. (But I like kraft better!)

Hope you get out of your funk soon-you may end up like your sister.....LOL. (She knows I love her!)

kemeche said...

I am currently using this site. They plan the meals, give you the shopping list and off you go to the store.
Simple, Delicious, Conveinent.
It's a small fee, but well worth the money.


Michael said...

Don't worry jo - once you have this little baby the grocery store will once again become your happy place - it will be the place you can be alone :)... actually, it may take 2 kids to make you think that way, but your time will come.

The Family Marsico said...

I often feel the same way. I used to cook so eloborately and nothing was off the table as far as what I might choose to prepare. I've given it all up and while I really do still enjoy cooking it often seems like more of a chore. These days it's fast and easy. If it take more than an hour from start to finish then forget it.

I found Kraft Food and Family from a friend. With working and kids she also has a hard time getting it all done. It's a free magazine with quick recipes complete with shopping lists. It's all done for you so the planning is easy. It's not gourmet food or anything, but it's good for a work night.

Good luck!

Karen said...

Does J-Town have a Super Suppers or some type of meal preparation place? I used them several times in Washington, while I was pregnant. In fact, I went into labor while fixing my meals to have on hand after Jax was born. I just did main dishes and added sides when I cooked them. Love the Bird's Eye Steam Veggie's! When I'm in town next month, I'll help you out. It will give me something to do!