Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Introduction to Maternity Clothes

Saturday, May 9, 2009
Today I got my first maternity clothes.
(I am of course not ready to wear them just yet)
I went to Fort Smith for the weekend to celebrate Mother’s Day with Mama. We took Aunt Janet with us to Rogers and met Sarah, Gracie and Molly for the day. We went to Motherhood and I tried on maternity clothes for the first time. It was odd. I put on the strap-on belly and tried on some dresses with it. It was so funny. Gracie and Molly stayed in the dressing room with me and helped me with my clothes. It was great fun to be with those sweet bow-headed baby girls. Mama bought me a denim skirt and Aunt Janet bought me a dress. I got myself some jeans and a shirt. Sarah was nice enough to give me a sack full of maternity things she had at her house. We then went to PF Changs and ate lunch. We talked about babies, bottles, breastfeeding and formula, and all the fun stuff that comes with babies. We loved on Gracie and Molly a lot too. I loved sharing my first maternity clothes memory with these girls.



Jodi said...

You're going to be a beautiful pregnant mama!