Tuesday, May 12, 2009

From Aunt JuJu To Baby L

Friday - April 10, 2009
Aunt JuJu writes a letter to Baby L

To my darling niece/nephew,
Uncle Stephen brought me a card today. It said that I was going to be an Aunt.I cried.
I'm so happy for your mom and dad. They love each other so much. (Did you know that your grandmother and I set them up on their first date?) (I guess that means you really should belong to me and live with me. We'll talk about that later!) I can't wait for you to meet your mom and dad. They are really cool. Your mom has a sense of style that I long for. (You are going to have the coolest clothes and room!) She has a loving, giving, kind heart. She has wanted you for so long and is beside herself with anticipation. Your dad is a hard worker. He gives everything he does 110%. I know that being a dad will be no different. He is a kind, gentle, loving man. He is anxious for you to arrive. These next few months better go fast!They not only love each other, but they love the Lord. And I can't wait to hear them telling you Bible stories about Jesus and how much He loves you! I'm sitting here today thinking about what you will look like. I'm thinking that you will have dark curly hair, and big dark eyes. Your mother had the biggest eyes anyone had ever seen. She was a beautiful baby, and I know you are going to outshine her! You are going to be loved on by your cousins. When they heard about you, they danced around the room and chanted "We're going to be cousins" and "Aunt Abby is going to have a baby!" They are also excited. I love you! I can't wait to meet you!

Love, JuJu

I cried when this hit my inbox. I am so excited about JuJu being an aunt! I remember the day in 1997 she told me I was going to be an aunt. I thought my heart would swell out of my chest. I guess that is how she feels today.



hsmomma5 said...

That is so sweet! Julie, did you know that I am Aunt GiGi to my nephew?

Anonymous said...

What a wonderful letter Julie has written to her nephew. I know she will be the best aunt ever to little Robert Eugene Lee (Robert E. Lee...get it?)
Seriously, I know this coming child will get the same benefits of a christian home that his/her cousins are reaping with Julie and Stephen as parents. Golleee, 5 grandkids. I can't wait !!!
I cannot wait to make that third trip to St. Bernards for the birth of a grandchild. I know God is going to protect that baby in his/her mother's womb and each time the baby kicks, Abby will probably feel like Elizabeth felt when the cousin of Jesus heard the Saviors name spoken by his parents.
God has been good to all of us.
Praise him and lets all pray that all goes well for Ab and Little Bobby Gene.
Baby Lee's Proud maternal Granddaddy.

Lindsey Watson said...

congrats, aunt juju! being an aunt is a marvelous blessing!!! :) you get to spoil the heck out of them, then send them home. lol!!