Saturday, July 7, 2012

What happened last Sunday

              Sunday morning right before church started I received a text from Stephen that said
                                           bruises, no blood I'm fine...

That was not the best way to begin worship! I gathered up the kids and we headed to Stephen. It turns out a young man ran a stop sign and hit Stephen.

The truck is totalled. I wish you knew the love Stephen has for his truck. If you'll remember, when I was pregnant with Samuel I had a wreck and totalled his first truck love. This truck had replaced his first one in his heart. It had gone on many trips, it could hold all six of us and the best was paid off!!!

I am so thankful Stephen was safe and not hurt at all, except for seat belt bruises.The people in the other car weren't injured either. God protected everyone  involved.

So now we are not only looking for a house to live in but also a truck. And I need a new pair of tennis shoes. Just trying to keep it real!