Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Summer Sillies

Henry and I are riding solo this week. Randall is in Indiana. When Henry asked me where his daddy was I  said "Indiana". Henry then looked at me with wonder and said "Daddy in den with Nana?!" I laughed outloud when I realized what "Indiana" sounded like to him. Oh, to be 2!

We decided to make some summer cupcakes for our supper playdate with Barrett tonight and to have some to take to our friends Quinn, Eli and Lily this week. Henry had fun sitting up on the counter and eating Lifesavers gummies while I did all the work.

 Henry only stuck his finger in one of the cupcakes. I covered it up with icing and it was as good as new. The graham crackers are the beach and the blue icing is the water. I wanted the Teddy Grahams to go in the Lifesavers so it looked like they were in the tube, but the hole was too small and I was not in any mood to cut them apart and put them back together or stretch them to make them work. I had a 2 year old on the counter eating all the decorations. I had to move fast! So, we now have a beach scene with our Teddy Grahams swimming toward the tube. It works! Henry loves them and that is all that matters.

Since this is a summer topic, look at my watermelon toes and remember that jealousy is a sin! HA. My friend Emily painted them for me 10 days ago and they still look good. She is a peach for grabbing my dirty, flip flop feet after a long day and painting away. Henry thinks I hurt myself and I have strawberry band-aids on all my toes. I go along with it.

Slow, silly summertime. I love it!