Monday, July 23, 2012

Two years later

Two years ago Daniel fell off of the top of a chair, hit the dining room table and did this to his arm.

It was the culmination to a week of doctor visits, Daniel had mono, Anna had double ear infections in both ears, and dentist visits. Stephen had been out of town to spend time with his family and officiate the funeral for a dear family friend of theirs. It had been that kind of week.

Daniel had to have surgery to fix his arm but no pins or rods had to be put in. We went to Baptist Hospital in Little Rock and I was so impressed with the care Daniel received. We were in and out of the hospital in four hours

This was Daniel as we left the hospital. He was such a trooper with his cast on. It was a hot summer, we went to camp and swam and he never complained. I know it was itchy and hot and sweaty but never did he say an unkind word or whine about how awful his situation was.

I was so proud of him then, and I'm so proud of his now.