Sunday, July 8, 2012

Minnesota Fun

We left the Grand View Lodge in Nisswa and headed to the Twin Cities. We stopped in Rogers to shop the outlet malls for a bit and found some of Henry's best buddies in a fire truck.

While heading toward Maple Grove for an overnight stay there, our GPS took us on a back road that brought us by Henry's Woods. We were so mad at the GPS until this discovery! It was so fun. We stayed in Maple Grove. We ate and shopped at some great places. Henry loved staying at the Holiday Inn there because they had an indoor waterpark. It was a winner.


We made our journey into Minneapolis the next morning. I love how Peanuts is all over this city. The airport, downtown, the mall, etc.

Randall and I love to take photos with random things while traveling. This was one of many we took on this trip. I could do a whole post of  random photos, but I will refrain from it!
We lived it up at the Mall of America and Ikea. We spent 2 days at the Mall of America and we visited Ikea twice. These two places were my reason for taking the trip this year. It was worth it! It was truly an experience for all three of us. Randall had been to the mall before while on a work trip, but just saw a small portion of it and neither of us had been to "Ikeda, as Henry calls it. We ate breakfast and lunch at Ikea one day...we stayed that long!

We ate at Bubba Gump's one night in the mall and bought Henry a t-shirt that says "My mama says I'm special" and he has worn it twice now. I will be sorry when I am old....I know, I know. Maybe he won't be too mean to me. ha!

Nickelodeon Universe was our spot for 2 days. It is the largest indoor amusement park and it is in the center of the mall. Henry adored this truck ride the most. We lost count of how many times he rode it. He looked like a natural!

The cars were a big hit also. Randall and I took turns riding with him on each ride because of his size. Henry loved every second of every ride.

Henry and I rode the big Dora Ferris Wheel. My feet were sweating in my Reef's! I was so nervous when the ride stopped on top of the wheel and my 2 year old was rocking that bucket and we had no restraints on us. My BP must have been stroke level. Whew...we only rode that once!

Diego's flying bus was a fav. Randall was a trooper riding that thing 562 times with a smile!

I loved those balloons. Henry didn't just love them so much, but we enjoyed them!

The log ride. Oh.My.Word. The log ride! We took turns taking Henry down this full blown, 4 minute log ride. It was so much fun.

This photo of my boys makes me laugh. They look scared, but honestly, I am the one that screamed bloody murder and neither of them made any noise. Henry loved it!

We wore this little buddy out! We slept until almost 9 every morning and stayed up until really late. It was so much fun.

We have one last day of fun in downtown "Mini Apples" to share. I will post it this week.



Lindsay said...

This looks SO fun!! My hubby & I are trying to decide where to take our 3 year old next summer. (He will be almost 4 by then)...this might be the place!! Thanks for posting!