Saturday, July 21, 2012

All Boy

CK showing Henry how to jump on his bed. BAD CK! He now gets spanked for it. Poor Henry.
"Snips, snails and puppy dog tails. That is what little boys are made of." My Henry is ALL boy. He is a real live definition of little boy. It makes me so proud. I love how his knees are always scrapped, and he often has dirt under his toenails. I love that sweaty headed boy and all his dirty, loud discoveries. He is active, healthy and developing just as God intended.

Henry looks more excited than Piper about being a princess. She knows it is hard work!
I also adore that he enjoys putting on the princess dresses and playing dress up at school. He loves playing with his little girl friends and experiencing all the things that make them squeal. He is exploring and learning about the world and how it works. It doesn't alarm me or make me worry. It makes me smile. Let them be little and learn. I bet he will be a stylish, helpful little husband to one of these little girls one day. He will also know how to serve up some good food. He loves to serve imaginary food...especially guacamole. I just love to hear him say "you want guacamole?" as he puts an imaginary chip to my mouth. What a treasure it is watching him grow and learn all about life.



Kelley said...

How precious is he! Love it! He will make a wonderful husband and daddy one day!